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Goal Pose: Headstand


One of my goal poses (not to be confused with fear pose) in yoga is to be able to hold a headstand. With my fear pose(s) it’s often over-thinking that holds me back from, with goal pose(s) I’ve given it lots of thought … I just haven’t gotten quite there yet.

Headstands are one of those poses that I’ve always been surrounded by but often forget about practicing it myself.  I always remember when my Dad and step-mom introduced yoga to my high school my senior year (soooo glad it wasn’t freshman) and while my step-mom was guiding us through one thing or another, my dad silently extended in to headstand  slowly catching the awe of everyone in the room – for me it was just dad being dad. He’s 6’6″ so it made for quite an impressive site.

When I taught children, they would happily flip into headstand – often a little too quickly. I’ve done plenty of donkey kicks myself and taught many. But the strength in headstands comes from the control.

Like  from 0:22  – 0:40 in this video from Equinox (but perhaps not in your underwear)

Control takes a little more concentration. So I’m trying to pay attention to certain steps and poses in my current classes that can help me gain that control and strength (looking at you core).

10 steps to a headstand from FitSguar


  My favorite yoga class has included a wide-legged forward bend in almost each one since I’ve been practicing in April. Looks simple enough – my hamstrings tell me otherwise. My head is not on the ground. Not even close. But through the guidance of the instructor, I’ve really tried to be more mindful of the pose. It’s getting there! Slowly but surely.

Dolphin-PlankAnother  pose that is a huge support is not just plank but Dolphin Plank and with babysteps, inching my feet forward. This is part strength and trust, as my feet move closer to the front my trust needs to build in the strength of my arms for the foundation of my headstand.


 What I should be doing, is practicing at home – and this would be an excellent way to do so (not really an option at the gym).


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Monday Night Yoga : Headstands & Cell Phones

Yoga postures Shirshasana

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I think last night may have been the most crowded yoga class I’ve ever been in. I appreciated the girl next to me knowing to stagger our mats so we didn’t hit each other. She knows what’s up (the girl next to her not so much).

At the start the instructor said he wanted to focus on inversions – foreshadowing headstands. My oh my, did we have to work for that headstand. Tons of planks, chaturangas, plus the usual warriors & utkatasanas…it was a full body challenge.

I didn’t get into headstand … or even close really. But I’ve done it before and I can do it again, you know, if I start practicing & working towards it.

My new years resolution was to start building arm muscles…I have none – no seriously – those revolving doors are heavy. But I decided to throw myself down the stairs instead (ie: trip). Why yes it was during the office holiday party, no I wasn’t drinking and yes people saw. But I got clearance back in February so can’t use that as an excuse anymore.

Anyways….yoga wasn’t the only thing full. I got out of work on time which left 20 minutes for cardio (aiming for elliptical) but every single machine was in use. You know, except for the bike that I hopped on and then realized was broken. So no cardio for me, bloodsugars weren’t too happy about that one.  But I got some quality foam rolling time instead. #hurtssogood

Oh! And during class while we were in triangle I noticed two mats over a girl texting. Now I usually have my phone with me at all times, to the point of separation anxiety. And I bring it into the studio with me ( partly because it’s my music for cardio before hand). But everyone knows it’s common courteously to turn it off or on vibrate and to not go near it until class it over. The teacher even quietly said something to her. I mean I know it’s part of a Chase commercial or whatever but even people who’ve never done yoga before know better.


Your turn:

Do you often have to wait for a cardio machine at your gym?

Does it throw off your game plan or do you quickly adjust? 

Has someone ever used their cell phone during one of your yoga classes before? 


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