The Adventures of Now

exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

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New Beginnings

Ah life.


In the past two months I’ve:

– moved apartments

– was let go from my job

– completed my 1st 1/2 marathon 

– joined an outdoor league with my soccer team

– dealt with shin splints, groin strain, hip flexor silliness, IT Band issues & hip pain …. but not a stress fracture

– did early morning runs in Central Park

– ran a 5k on my birthday (in which I was 1st, last & only place since it was my solo birthday 5k).

– had plenty of brunches

– tried plenty of new coffee shops

– went to Hoboken for the 1st time

– exercised some serious self-control in not visiting 16 handles daily despite being closer to it

– put to use the fact that I’m now closer to Target …. but made do with the fact that I’m now further from a Trader Joe’s.

– finally used an oven (it’s only been about 2 years) and have worked on more “real” dinners.

– raised money for Team for Kids (only just begun!)

– started practicing yoga 5 day / week

– baked! ( vitalious chocolate muffin tops in the oven hopefully not sticking/not burning / rising  … all that usual stuff)

– signed up for my 2nd Girls on the Run 5K

– volunteered / will be volunteering at some kids activities with Urban Girl Squad

– met with a nutritionist … and started food journaling again. Sort of.

– learned how many supporters I have, even if it’s easy to forget  … and there’s quite a few!

– donated over 100 items … and got rid of almost as much

– played decorator, handyman & dyi-er … I think I’m most efficient at handyman.

– met new friends, connected with old ones and made fun dates with current ones.

I smell the chocolate tops….that mean it has to come out just as good right?!

– focused on my health … the specifics and the general.

– took a break from my magazine addiction

– started reading books….from the library

– got on the Tone It Up bandwagon (sort of)

– spent time with family

they didn’t burn! off to go see how they taste (I mean I couldn’t have screwed up a prepackaged mix that badly could I?) 


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3/28, 3/30, 3/31, 4/1: skipped/ injuries

Wednesday was skipped because I’ve been skipping all my Wed workouts #lame

Friday was a rest day.

Saturday I was trying to figure out what this new injury (hip flexor was) & overly cautious. I also slept. It was nice.

Sunday – I debated the planed 9 miles but this new trigger of pains made me think it was smarter to ice instead.

What should have happened was a lot more yoga.

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3/29: Soccer

Last Thursday was our second outdoor soccer game. While the first game was the earliest yet (7:30p) and it was warm & humid out, last week was freezing and at 9:15p. 

The moment I left the office and realized it was frigid in my dress, I knew I was in trouble since the only thing I had besides my shorts & t-shirt was my zip up which I wouldn’t be able to wear during the game.  

I had flashbacks of high school when we would beg to keep our warmups on during the game. Pleading for at least the pants. The sting of getting hit by the ball while frozen. 

So from the subway to the field I was in desperate search of getting creative. I knew there was CVS and I was willing to fleece sweatpants style if needed. Or get socks to somehow create arm warmers like this girl. I would have been able to cut socks with keys right??

I ended up with $9.99 black pants … didn’t really want to add to the collection of junk workout clothes but these were worth every penny! I also bought some form of leggings … just incase but those will be returned, even if they had a nice metal grey shine to them.

The cold makes me cranky & whiny. Which may be why I was a bit bratty on the field. I should have realized that if I’m limping while walking, perhaps running stop & go wouldn’t go so well. I felt like I was letting my team down – which I was … I wasn’t playing my best and let the frustration get to me which didn’t help any.  Forget high school, I felt like I was playing in middle school again, trying to hold back the tears because I was mad at myself.  


Lucky we have this week off so I can pull it together.