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3/29: Soccer

Last Thursday was our second outdoor soccer game. While the first game was the earliest yet (7:30p) and it was warm & humid out, last week was freezing and at 9:15p. 

The moment I left the office and realized it was frigid in my dress, I knew I was in trouble since the only thing I had besides my shorts & t-shirt was my zip up which I wouldn’t be able to wear during the game.  

I had flashbacks of high school when we would beg to keep our warmups on during the game. Pleading for at least the pants. The sting of getting hit by the ball while frozen. 

So from the subway to the field I was in desperate search of getting creative. I knew there was CVS and I was willing to fleece sweatpants style if needed. Or get socks to somehow create arm warmers like this girl. I would have been able to cut socks with keys right??

I ended up with $9.99 black pants … didn’t really want to add to the collection of junk workout clothes but these were worth every penny! I also bought some form of leggings … just incase but those will be returned, even if they had a nice metal grey shine to them.

The cold makes me cranky & whiny. Which may be why I was a bit bratty on the field. I should have realized that if I’m limping while walking, perhaps running stop & go wouldn’t go so well. I felt like I was letting my team down – which I was … I wasn’t playing my best and let the frustration get to me which didn’t help any.  Forget high school, I felt like I was playing in middle school again, trying to hold back the tears because I was mad at myself.  


Lucky we have this week off so I can pull it together. 

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will not give up. will not give up. will not give up. 

Are you listening injuries??


MOTIVATION: don’t quit.

Don’t Quit. Even when you’re ahead. Especially when you’re way behind. 

And in those moments don’t follow anyone else’s path but you’re own. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t doubt. Don’t hesitate. Don’t reconsider. If its something you want, go full force. Even when you fall, trip, blunder and f*ck up. Get up. Keep going. Don’t quit.

Don’t hark on the past. Make new memories. Just keep going. No one makes you quit. It’s only you decide when. No one else. Don’t do it. Don’t quit!

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Commute with Swagger.

All last week I added a little swagger into my commute. With new groin (oh so lovely) hip flexor pain on the left, I’ve got a lit bit of a two step / limp going on. Add the Jay-Z Pandora station I’ve been playing, mixed with the clenched fists & grimace (my feelings towards an added injury) and throwing my shoulder into it ( that’s my tactic to tell the pain to shove off) I’m sure I convey to my fellow commuters that I’m tough….or something like that. Except for Thursday. Thursday I had my soccer gear … I just looked like I was hustling bags. What I felt like was a weighed down mule with more than I could carry. Sometimes I miss my car.

{swagger like us}

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All Moved In!

I moved into my new apartment 3 weeks ago and have loved it ever since.

While training took a bit of a derail, I’ve accrued more injuries and have had some serious battles with the snooze button (oh wait that’s not new) there’s not much room for guilt – life has been busy with new & old friends, exploring the  ‘hood, home adventures (cooking?!) and an overall feeling of a fresh start.

So even though dailymile sent me a sad message today:

Ok, that’s a lie, I had a solid awesome 7 mile run last sunday  – apparently I need to update DM.

It’s ok. 

 I had my soccer championships (we won! bring it on spring league).

And met with a registered dietitian to figure out how this whole “fueling for a 1/2 marathon as a diabetic” thing works (preview: more protein).

And started packing a lunch, getting some vitamin D within my 10 hour day & even tried a few lunchtime gym sessions.

Also attacked some solo central park runs (some good, some bad – but no passing out or left stranded with a low blood-sugar….I may have gotten lost but that’s no surprise).

I may regret letting the alarm clock win a few mornings & not stretching as much as I should (saying & doing are two different things) but I’m ok with the fact that I missed a run to meet up with old friends who are now new neighbors, picked playing soccer over 4 miles in fear that both would shatter my shin (it didn’t, and why yes, I picked the one where I was likely to get kicked – it was the championships!!).

That’s life. The whole “now” / living thing. 

That said, I got cleared by the doctor today (no shin stress fracture!) meaning I don’t have to abandon my training – in fact it’s time to listen to my body (equal parts running & stretching!!) and get back out there.

Said as I’m icing 4 body parts & figuring out a run between an early AM doctors apt & after work plans. 

Time to get excited about running again – channel that 7 mile run & start counting down the days until the More/Fitness 1/2 marathon!