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Riddle Me That: A1C Drop


Do you see that 8.4???

Now some may read that as : 8.4?! What are you doing, eating chocolate cake for dinner every night??

I wish.

I read it as : 8.4?!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!

For a little comparison, my last A1C level was 9.7

And that was during the summer when I was at my most active / training for a marathon.

So riddle me that. 

My A1C level drops to the lowest I can remember it ever being and it’s while I’m at my heaviest weight and least active.

I can not explain it.

And that’s no dainty little drop either given my levels seem to have been permanently stuck above 9.

Which means the secret to perfect blood sugar control in my life has yet to be revealed.

As the doctor wrote : “needs work”

Well, I’ve been “working” on this for the past 24 years.

I have an appointment with a doctor at the Joslin Clinic (despite my hesitation) coming up in April, one that was recommended by a friend of a friend who works within the pediatric unit.

As part of their all-inclusive package I’ll also get an eye exam and 1:1 meeting with an educator. Sounds like fun.

(ohhhh flashbacks to the DE who basically wanted to strap me to a chair and insert an insulin pump right then and there – she was a real winner in empathy) 

I also have an appointment with another PCP  – one that looks more at the root of the issues at hand vs. just the systems.

I’m ready to look past just the numbers and start digging around to what’s really going on with my health.

The new office even has doctors focusing on sports therapy!! I’ll be looking at some other sports doctors options before I book an appointment …plus should probably start working out again first. But it’s still a nice idea that it could be all in one practice. #itsthelittlethings

So I can look back and try to figure out what brought my A1C down but realistically – I’m not so sure I’ll figure it out.

Fickle silly little disease.

Quick, hand me a pen so I can add “A1C under 9” on the goal list so I can cross that shiz off!

Until, you know, I get the next round of blood work done.

Better make that a pencil.