The Adventures of Now

exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

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2/6: Strength Training

It included:

Angel wings {squats} x 20 

MistleTOE touches & reach for the stars (deadlift reaches) x 20 

Raindeer Row x 20 

Nutcracker into Candy Cane xt 20 

Santa’s Sleigh (I had socks…I did not have paper plates) x 20 

Deck the halls (lunges) x 50 

You’re suppose to do the circuit 3x …I did it 1x.

 But after being reminded of the power of Donkey Kicks I added:

Donkey Kicks 2 x 25 per side

Side leg raises 2 x 25 per side

Why hello glutes, nice to know that you exist.

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1/30: Strength Training

Put together a strength training planning with an assortment of exercises completed afterwork: 

Leg Workout App (each exercise 1 min each…total = 10 min )
 -Side leg lift right
– Side leg lift left
– Inner thigh raise left
– Side leg lift left
– Side leg kick left
– Inner thigh raise right
– hamstring curls {with 3 lb weight b/c that’s all I had}
– Quad lifts
– Static lunge right
– Static lunge left
Butt Workout App (each exercise 1 min each…total = 10 min )
– Squat
– Front lunges
– side lunges
– Deadlift (3lb weight…definitely too light)
– Donkey kick right
– Donkey kick left
– Hip Bridge
– Leg Extensions
– Flutter Kicks
– Froggy glutes lifts
1 min wall squat 
10 squats 
1 min plank (x2)
1 min side plank (each side)
Kneeling roundhouse kick (15 x3 per side)