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Monday Night Yoga: Crowded Shoulder Stands

I know I say this often but : I love my Monday night yoga class, and I’m not alone.  I was in line 10 minutes before class which got me one of the last mats & a make shift spot. And people squeezed in after. Short of being mat-to-mat, I think that may have been the most crowded class yet.

source: yoga journal


The pose of the day [I never paid attention to this but my teacher is now on twitter and has made official poses of the day] was shoulder stand. Boy did we work our way up. LOTS of chaturangas and upward dog. Despite the crowd , it was a great class; I felt strong, built up a sweat and worked my arms.


Your turn:

Do you walk out of a crowded class or squeeze into a spot?

Do you know the longest you’ve ever held a shoulder stand?

The instructor mentioned how 15 minutes was recommended from Light on Yoga


Favorite Finds: 

There’s a great article in the October issue of SELF magazine : The trials of a chubby yogi.

 Having been the kid in an adult class from the start I learned not to compare myself. But now more among peers, I can’t help notice at times that I’m often the line-backer of the class: a head taller and far from the slimmest & most graceful of the bunch.  Thought the article was a refreshing perspective. 


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{Weekend Recap}: School Night Adventures

I usually play it low-key during the week. If I’m not working or at the gym I grab the chance to relax at home / work on things at home. Last week I changed it up a bit meeting up with various friends & trying out new restaurants. No guilt, no concerns, no stress. Living in the moment. It’s been awhile …need to try it more often! 

    My hamstrings are still sore a week later. And I didn’t come anywhere near reaching that pose …..but it was still a great class and much need.

    Thai food. It’s always a great atmosphere, good food, fairly healthy & a good price.

  Major fail on my part for not knowing what the book signing was for before going – I was just meeting up with friends. When I learned afterwards I realized I actually want to read the book!

Afterwards we went to grab a bite to eat, with two Italians you’re bound to end up at an Italian restaurant:

I don’t eat pasta very often (like at all) so when I do it’s usually prepared by someone else and has to be pretty enticing. Pumpkin Ravioli definitely was worth it. It kicked off my fall flavors …. I had soup {which I also never eat} the next day – butternut squash.

I went low after work. One of those hit-you-hard-have-you-curled-up-in-a-ball-wanting-sugar-all-night-to-feel-better lows. So when a friend’s delay in setting plans came to be 9pm I was done for the night, PJs were on, Hulu was in motion.  Of course I over treated & woke up with a high blood-sugar – killing plans for a morning run.

I had a light meal of steamed sushi dumplings & a cucumber roll for dinner b/c the main event was dessert (duh). Pretending I wasn’t a diabetic for a moment: I splurged – Cookie Dough Apple Cobbler. Oh my goodness – is this what I miss out on ?? Some extra units of insulin was well worth it (don’t judge). I actually over compensated & needed a snack by the time I got home. oof. Full.

I should have worn green. Or at least known who the game was against before hand. But it was fun to get caught up in team spirit & catch up with friends. 

Your turn:
Do you follow sports teams? 
What’s your favorite meal out? 
Are you more of a Friday night out or Saturday or both? 
My co-workers did the Tough Mudder race – anyone else ? 

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Monday Night Yoga : I made a friend!

I made a friend last night!

Ok, it might be a little creepy/premature to pull out such labels but anyways…

While I’d like to think I’m friendly at the gym, I usually stay in my zone 

with my headphones on & nothing more than a smile or a nod.

Tonight, after a quick boost on the elliptical, as I was waiting in line for Yoga the girl in front of me & I started to chat. She was just starting her practice again after a long break, I’ve come & gone to this class for over a year now. After some talking I realized she was new to the gym & still figuring out what classes she liked. We bonded over mutual fear of spinning.

After class, we walked out together swapping gym preferences & small talk. We even built up a little networking, showing appreciation for each other’s industry & how we could help one another. A possible future gym buddy & someone to talk business with? Score!

Oh and Yoga tonight?

I packed a long sleeve pullover, a pair of shorts, a pair of capris and a t-shirt. ….. No sports bra. And I was wearing my worst strapless. Fail. Forget support (not much required)…I just feared it falling down… so needless to say, I was a little preoccupied during class & didn’t really get into the poses. Also, my hips and knees decided they weren’t quite ready for all the chair poses and my arms & core were definitely not ready for this:

Flying Crow


Your turn:

Do you make friends at the gym / in a fitness class easily ?

What’s the most challenging pose / move that you’ve done recently?

Favorite Finds:

Did you know that Pop-tarts was one of the top foods purchased for the hurricane?

According to Hungry Girl, today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day …should have had this for breakfast

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Monday Night Yoga : Where bloodsugars said no go

Monday Night Yoga.

The one class that I try to keep anything from getting in the way.

Only yesterday was a yo-yo of a day with bloodsugars and after several drops I cried mercy and headed home after work instead of the gym.  I just didn’t have it in me. I was worn down & out of [glucose monitor] strips.

What was worse, frustrated with a useless day, I over-treated last night.

Me: 0  Bloodsugars : 1


One day ...


Your turn:

What bums you out the most about missing your favorite fitness class?


Favorite Finds

I may have missed my Monday night yoga class but here’s some poses before you go to bed | Fit Sugar


Monday Night Yoga : Headstands & Cell Phones

Yoga postures Shirshasana

Image via Wikipedia

I think last night may have been the most crowded yoga class I’ve ever been in. I appreciated the girl next to me knowing to stagger our mats so we didn’t hit each other. She knows what’s up (the girl next to her not so much).

At the start the instructor said he wanted to focus on inversions – foreshadowing headstands. My oh my, did we have to work for that headstand. Tons of planks, chaturangas, plus the usual warriors & utkatasanas…it was a full body challenge.

I didn’t get into headstand … or even close really. But I’ve done it before and I can do it again, you know, if I start practicing & working towards it.

My new years resolution was to start building arm muscles…I have none – no seriously – those revolving doors are heavy. But I decided to throw myself down the stairs instead (ie: trip). Why yes it was during the office holiday party, no I wasn’t drinking and yes people saw. But I got clearance back in February so can’t use that as an excuse anymore.

Anyways….yoga wasn’t the only thing full. I got out of work on time which left 20 minutes for cardio (aiming for elliptical) but every single machine was in use. You know, except for the bike that I hopped on and then realized was broken. So no cardio for me, bloodsugars weren’t too happy about that one.  But I got some quality foam rolling time instead. #hurtssogood

Oh! And during class while we were in triangle I noticed two mats over a girl texting. Now I usually have my phone with me at all times, to the point of separation anxiety. And I bring it into the studio with me ( partly because it’s my music for cardio before hand). But everyone knows it’s common courteously to turn it off or on vibrate and to not go near it until class it over. The teacher even quietly said something to her. I mean I know it’s part of a Chase commercial or whatever but even people who’ve never done yoga before know better.


Your turn:

Do you often have to wait for a cardio machine at your gym?

Does it throw off your game plan or do you quickly adjust? 

Has someone ever used their cell phone during one of your yoga classes before? 


Favorite Finds:

This Kashi Indigo Morning cereal looks yummy, I bet it would be good mixed in with yogurt. | Hungry Girl

I really need to use mint more often | Yum Sugar