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exploring the mix of fun, fitness & health…as a diabetic

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What a morning !

  • I picked snooze button over run (yeah this trend needs to end)
  • I dug out my iron to put together a professional outfit for an out of office meeting
  • Just as I was headed out the door I learned meeting was moved to tomorrow
  • Jumped right out of that outfit and into jeans so that I could wear it tomorrow (we’re a super casual office)
  • Than as I was headed out for the 2nd time (already missing the bus) my blood sugar crashed
So now picture : me grabbing my gym bag, purse & iced coffee, pouring out glucose tablets & downing them, ripping open a Cliff Z bar , and trying to fix my strappy sandals while I was on the move (ie: each landing point on the stairs).
Pretty sure that’s what you describe as a hot mess. 
This is what I was going for toned down a notch (pinterest)

this is more my everyday style (but not me: pinterest)

Your turn:
Do you get thrown off easily in the morning? 
How do you get yourself back on track ? 
Is your office casual or business?