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Monday Motivation : stop giving up




Last winter I stepped up my physical activity after struggling to find the balance and freedom with a time intensive job. I started going to the gym before work, stuck with AM running – training for my first half marathon and the biggest leap – joined a soccer league. Spring saw a more committed yoga practice which had been neglected since teaching kids … years ago. Summer was in full force with my first marathon training.

Then fall came.

And as it had last September / October …. suddenly the snooze button got a little more play. With more flexibility in time, it made it even harder to commit because there was this voice in my head telling me I had plenty of time to fit in a workout later and that sleep was good. Silly little voice.

But I was still dedicated, I had a plan to stick to and a goal to reach.

End of October and November saw some new curveballs in health challenges, a lot of little things, nothing super serious / unmanageable but enough to feel like I couldn’t hold it together. But I had to push through it, there was a finish line to cross.

And then there wasn’t.

And I was exhausted of trying to figure out my body, keep everything in “balance” and plan. Oh the planning. The calculating.

So I stopped.

It all.


Some from neglect, some from bloodsugars going haywire.

And now as my shoulder starts to remind me of the fall I took a few years ago and the physical therapy I never finished. As my knee reminds me that it’s connected to my intensely tight hamstrings, wound up IT Bands and hip flexors that seem to be permanently frozen in a 90 degree angle …from my permanent sitting position…

….I’m reminded where I once stood, how far I’ve come and how I’ve taken several  steps back.

I can’t commit to a race at the moment – at any level – though I’ll have to make that decision about NYC within the next few days.

So I’m working on the smaller steps right now.
Like meeting all my Gympact. Even if it’s not my most impressive workouts.

And slowly but surely I’m picking it back up.


I don’t see this as “starting over”

I’m thinking of it as “picking it back up

Hopefully a little bit wiser this time. Like working on injury prevention. And eventually becoming a stronger and smarter runner.

So it’s true, I’ve had a set back, I’ve lost some of what I’ve gained but I still hold on to what I’ve learned and I’m ready to reset and see what I’m capable of.

To not give up on my health and my strengths … and to find the fun again in challenging oneself.

Bring on the adventure. 

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The need to reset

Where is that girl who would get up at 5am to walk 15 blocks in the February cold to go to the gym? Or the one that would get in a few (struggling) miles before a draining day at the office, breaking it up with a lunchtime yoga session & rushing out to make it to a soccer game? Or who would collapse in a drenched neon heap at yoga, straight from a training run this summer? Occasionally after another yoga class earlier that morning. Or more simply, went to yoga several days a week or sweated up a storm on the elliptical for 30 minutes?

I want her back.

Maybe not to the extent of 3-a-day or making it the focus of my schedule – that luxury is over. But this trade off of being glued to my chair all day is not working. I’ve had the “too much time at the office, no energy left” excuse – this isn’t that. Worse. I do have time to go to the gym, I’m finally getting 8-9 hours of sleep (unheard of in this city).

So what’s my deal?

I lost my goal, I lost my focus.

Without digging up drama and focusing too much on the past, short & sweet: November 2011 I set a goal – to run the NYC marathon. The very next NYC marathon. I won’t deny it – part of me liked the fact that it fell on 2012 (duh, the very next year). I have a thing for even numbers and have even appreciated all my graduations falling on an even year, plus it marked 4 years post college and 26(.2) miles while 26 yro. So began a year planning. Everything became “for the marathon.” I loved joining a soccer team this past winter & spring but left when training started to avoid injury. But as much “sacrificing”, I think deep down it became a bit of a scapegoat too – blood sugar battles and nutrition fights were in vain of the marathon.

And money? Ha! They say running is cheap – they lied. MRIs, physical therapy co-pays, compression sleeves (worth it), more strips for bloodtests, increased groceries for hunger, nutrition and low blood sugars. And yes, the self justified items like a garmin. Not really what severance packages are suppose to be for.

This makes me sound bitter, regretful – I’m not. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so grateful for it.

It’s about goals. Something that’s discussed a lot in the upcoming weeks.

Since I can remember (age 3&1/2) I’ve always had one major goal : A1c of 5 or 6. I didn’t pick this goal. I didn’t set the perimeters for it. I didn’t outline the consequences for failing or straying. It was all laid out for me. …… Except for the part on how to realistically achieve it – for my lifestyle & health. See, I’m not the only one with this goal – ask any Diabetic. Many even achieve it.

I have never gotten even close. On a scale of 5-12, I often sit at a 9, it’s a achievement if I get it to 8.x. Do you know what it’s like to do a check-in every 6 months (ideally) and each time fail at reaching your goal? Since you were a kid? Maybe you do, there are a lot of different goals out there. The funny thing is, I often hear many people tell me how “in control” I am, how well I manage the Diabetes. Deciding not to drink doesn’t give me a free pass to perfect A1c – especially if chocolate is involved. So while I don’t often address this issue (aside from every bite and shot where I’m calculating perfection vs consequence), it lingers.

The marathon gave me a tangible goal of sorts – I would get a shiny pretty medal for it – which would justify everything (gained & given) “for the marathon.”

But still, why the pity party? It’s been WEEKS since that goal date has come and gone. I may not be at my highest moment currently but I have been so lucky during recent events and there are soooo many people who sacrifice, battle and overcome during training. Yet, pity party it has been.

It’s true, I wasn’t my strongest on November 4th. In fact the 4 miles I managed with some teammates that day were not easy (though tremendously moving). My immune system was kicking my butt.

So I took a break.

Apparently a month+ long break (with one very sad exception of 2 miles in early November). I wasn’t with my team, the negativity around the marathon which I apparently took very personally weighed me down, and I was just thrown some new elements in what felt like my never ending fight with my body. Running just wasn’t fun. At the same time I was being zapped of my energy with no direct reason so the extra push was harder to find (of course when you need it most…).

But the thing was – it wasn’t just a break from running , it was a break from everything.

To be fair – part of it was the immune battle. While nothing overly serious, it had me dreading the gym. So I started slacking, failing my GymPacts, skipping my favorite yoga classes and opting for newly acquired cable over apartment workouts ( roommates mom staying with us for 10 days may have something to do with that).

It’s not just the exercise. When I was home for a wedding the second weekend of November I discovered Nutella & cookie dough. And consumed them both. Yep that’s right. A whole jar of Nutella and a roll of cookie dough. Don’t judge. That is not ok for anyone, let alone a diabetic (see part about A1c). Like really not ok. No wonder those 2 miles felt awful – they were fueled by cookie dough. I really should stop looking at the desserts on Pinterest that shoot up my bloodsugar just by repinning. And while most of my teammates are rejoicing about being able to skip the PB & bagel, I’ve turned to it for one too many meals.


So no exercise & binges …. You can imagine I’m feeling pretty good right about now. I was feeling sick going into Thanksgiving let alone no Turkey Trot this year (not my fault) and tacking on those few extra calories.

Don’t even get me started on all the holiday talk.

I know, you want to shake me by my shoulders and tell me to snap out of it – to quite my whining. I do too. While I’ve gained intentions to get back on track it’s been all (whispered) talk and no action – my pet peeve. Kind of like how they tell you to just set your alarm an hour earlier to fit in a morning workout, only it just produces an extra hour of hitting the snooze button – not really the arm workout I’m aiming for.

Excuses, justifications, embracing and fighting. Yada yada yada. Eventually something needs to break you out of that trance many call a rut.

Many of my teammates & the running community threw out race options and alternative marathons. Florida in January – perfect, mom could actually watch me run it now instead of being my biggest supporter from a distance….

Oh right, that whole mounting medical bills and babysitting while looking for a new job thing. So I’m out for that. Even local races – race fees add up. I have so much love & appreciation for the running community and its organizations & it sucks to say it but $50 for a 5k was not happening – I’m sitting out for winter racing.

But that doesn’t mean I have to sit out of running. And definitely not out of the gym (as I wuss out from the cold).

I went from being in full force to a dead stop – and it hurts my body way more than a 18 miler.

Time to set some new goals – and equally important, some new commitments.

{to be continued…}

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will not give up. will not give up. will not give up. 

Are you listening injuries??


MOTIVATION: don’t quit.

Don’t Quit. Even when you’re ahead. Especially when you’re way behind. 

And in those moments don’t follow anyone else’s path but you’re own. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t doubt. Don’t hesitate. Don’t reconsider. If its something you want, go full force. Even when you fall, trip, blunder and f*ck up. Get up. Keep going. Don’t quit.

Don’t hark on the past. Make new memories. Just keep going. No one makes you quit. It’s only you decide when. No one else. Don’t do it. Don’t quit!

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The week (&1/2) that wasn’t : the attack of the snooze button

I first started running in the morning the last week of June. The following week, July 4th, I made it my new habit … going for 12 days in a row for a mix of 3 -5 miles each day. Through heat & a ridiculously tight (strained?) calf muscle. My fear was that if I missed a day I would be throwing in the towel on this new program. Even though I know rest days & cross training are important.  I wasn’t committed to a training plan, I didn’t (don’t) even have a goal in mind …I just wanted to see if I could really make this stick. And I did for 27 runs for the month of July. I backed off a bit and did 14 runs in the first 3 weeks of August. And than stopped. Only I haven’t stopped, I’ve just had a week off….since August 22nd.

In July it was super hot, super sunny, super active. August hit and it started staying dark at 5am. I’m all for cooling down but waking up & running in the dark …well I hadn’t thought about that yet.

hmmm maybe I should try this tactic....


And so fighting with the snooze button began…again. I have a 2nd alarm on my dresser as back up to my iPhone. That clock is now in the garbage after knocking it to the ground several times [I shouldn’t be allowed brake-able things]. I’m not giving up yet on the whole morning run thing. Heck, I even still woke up before 7am this week but took care of somethings instead.

I’d like to think of it as a recharge. And perhaps I should find a goal/plan to work on ?


Your turn:

Do you feel guilty for skipping several runs ?

I’m trying really hard not to so that I stay positive & want to get back out there

Are you a morning runner? 

Do you run outside?

How do you stay motivated once it starts getting dark?