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{weekend recap} : Running Record, Lows & More Ryan Gosling

There was more of this:

It was the final day of Summer Streets and after my PDR last week I decided to give it another go. Only this time my (stranger) friend wasn’t there to motivate me and it started out rough. I felt like there were more runners out there this time, compared to all the bikers last weekend. More shirtless guys too might I add. I’ve given up the whole comparison of people passing me thing for the most part and realized that this run wasn’t going to be about speed. But I kept on telling myself to just keep going and if I needed to stop I would but until then just keep trudging along. And I did. For 8+ miles. That’s the longest I’ve run without any breaks or walking yet. I had one moment fighting my phone of incoming work texts but kept it brief and trekked on.

I definitely didn’t stretch enough and there was no foam rolling. I know better than that. Gotta work on not coming home and going straight for the shower. Stretching in the shower doesn’t count. But that’s what I did on Saturday, and then walked to a new cafe and got a smoothie and enjoyed a lovely pile of September issues.

My new thing when icing (this I am very good about)  is to watch silly sitcoms on Netflix & Hulu. Think ABC family. This week it was Switched at Birth. Silly plot lines aside, I found it pretty interesting in how it taught about the Deaf society; I took American Sign Language senior year of high school.

Swapping smoothie for coffee had me crashing hard Saturday late afternoon. I gave into a nap. And when I woke up my blood sugar was on it’s way down…further draining my energy & killing my plans to head out to Brooklyn for a co-worker’s birthday party. Instead I went over to a friends and watched :

Not at all what I thought it was going to be like but I enjoyed it. And still love Ryan Gosling.

And that was my weekend.


Your turn:

What’s your shows are you watching these days?

Are you more reality TV or sitcom?

Any recent movies that surprised you?

Do you hang out with your co-workers outside of office events?


Favorite Finds:

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Rice Krispies Treats used to be my go-to as a kid. Now my grown up go to granola bar makes their own version – Clif Kid Z Bar Crispy  | Hungry Girl

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{weekend wrap-up} : Summer Streets, a #PDR & The Help

I finally ran Summer Streets! And boy did I run. 10 miles. That would make it the longest distance for me yet.

Not only did I PDR it, I also started out pretty strong getting back under the 10m/m.

Right from the start I was running along with a girl who would continue to be a pacer for me. It wasn’t a race, it wasn’t a competition, it was just support & motivation …. that she had no idea she was providing. I took a walking break after I hit a 5k mark, I said goodbye in my head to runner girl (no, that’s not creepy. not at all) and slowed down. But after being surrounded by bikers I soon found groups & pairs of runners passing me.  As they went past, I realized I wanted to be there with them. Not because I was competitive that they were getting ahead but because I was motivated by them. Running has almost always been a solitary activity for me. I don’t run in Central Park and only part of my route is along the East River. I haven’t tried a running club yet or meet ups and don’t run with friends. There’s been a few times when I’ve fallen in step with someone running the same blocks as me….and  I usually don’t like it.

But I was reminded on Saturday that being surrounded by other runners is good for me. It pushes me, encourages me …and makes it more fun. I love fitness classes, promotional activities and organized events, so why don’t I mix this in with my running? Perhaps it’s time to look into a running group ? They have ones for people who haven’t fully come back down into the under 10m/m speed right??

And since I seem to be seeing a lot of movies lately, after anxiously awaiting I saw The Help. I read the book a while back, shortly before they announced they were doing a movie. I loved both! Yes, the movie didn’t include all the points of the book (do they ever) but they didn’t change it either and I thought that they really brought personalities to the characters. I love Emma Stone (as seen by last weeks movie choice…) and was thrilled they made her Skeeter.


Your turn:

Do you like running with other people? Have you ran with a running club or team ? 

Have you seen The Help yet?  Did you read the book before hand ? 

Thoughts on books made into movies …favorites / least favorites?