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{Weekend Recap}: Volunteering & Group Run

  This weekend was brought to you by

even if they didn’t realize it.

On Saturday I volunteered at thewhere I was reminded that I’m not a foodie. A day filled with samples and tasting is many people’s idea of a good time – to me it’s frightening. Forget the fact that some would call me a picky eater (including myself), no sort of nutrition label, no calorie or carb counting, endless eating of unknown dishes – frightful. Frightful I tell ya.

Sunday I did a #firstever ! I did my first group run. It was split into 3 groups: Beginners were going 2 miles at a 12 min pace, Intermediates for 4 miles at 10 min and Advance at 6 miles at a 8 min pace. I’m somewhere between a beginner and intermediate. Since I’ve been on this little unintentional break for a month and was on the higher end of 10m/m anyways I decided to stick with the beginners even thought it was only 2 miles. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be at the back – it’s that I didn’t want to be far behind / dying of the intermediate group.

First few minutes in and I thought oh boy, this is going to be hard to move at a shuffle pace than busting to keep up. Sticking to the front, I got to chat with one of the coaches which was pretty cool. We ran through Central Park, something I had been hesitant to do by myself incase blood sugars crashed. At one point, another runner and myself got ahead of the pack and someone how caught up with the intermediate group. We kept going for a bit before realizing they were going further and decided to circle back around to our original “team.”   We ended up doing 3.2 miles.

Most importantly : Now I wanted to do more! I was always one of those that thought it was for more serious runners and didn’t think I could keep up.  You just make it work for you. I also didn’t have music (was chatting – another reason I aimed for slower), didn’t record the run and never saw how far or what time it was.

Ps. NYC weather went from cool to cold this morning. This weekend was beautiful – not ready for the cold! [I’m a baby in cold weather]

Weather for New York, NY

57°F | °C Mon Tue Wed Thu
Shower Shower Partly Cloudy Sunny
Wind: SE at 2 mph
Humidity: 56% 59° 50° 66° 55° 70° 48° 66° 46°

See that 57? Not cool. I thought we agreed on 70.


Your turn:

Have you ever done a group run? 

Was it with friends or strangers? 

Is it cold yet in your area?