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Valentine’s Day

I should have done a tally of how many men I saw carrying flowers on my run & commute to work this morning. When I got back from my run there was an Edible Arrangement van filled with deliveries right outside my building….I don’t know how he missed my apartment….

I’m neither one of those girls that wears all black and curses Hershey’s & Hallmark (why would anyone refuse a chance to get chocolate?) nor am I decked out in Pink & Red (apparently I don’t have a lot of it in my closet) sending hearts & candygrams to every friend/acquaintance/stranger.

Though I do (obnoxiously) call the people dear to me “love” all the time.
As well as buttercup & sunshine and anything else that peps me up.

I have soccer tonight & my team already declared that we’re each others Valentine and will buy each other a drink after the game.

Works for me.

But if I didn’t, this would be hands down the best way to spend this evening.

Meanwhile, I’ll smile at the sweet gestures I spy, continue to geek out over the way marketers leverage the day {whether aiming at the last-minute guys or the “I love myself” girls} and enjoy the pink, red & gold that has splashed the design & fashion blogs I stalk.

I did get into the spirit last night with the Tone It Up Valentine’s Day Routine

 When I first read it I thought it said complete 6x and thought there was no way in hell that was happening – going through the entire thing once was enough for me.

Then I realized I wouldn’t be cutting it as short as I thought.
And I should read directions.
How I did it: 
Heart with Leg Abductions (15x each leg)
Front Core Kick (20x each leg)
repeat both
Curtsey Lunge (20x each leg)
Side Lunge (15x each leg)
Glute Kick-Back (20x each leg)
Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x … did on my forearms whoops)
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x)
Cupid Arrow (20x … pretty sure I just did circles)
Tricep Dips (20x)
(….push-ups were not happening & this was the first thing to come to mind to swap)
 Heart Shaped Tummy Tuck (20x…realized I needed to be in pushup form) 
Warm Hug (20x)
Heart Leg Abduction (20x each leg)
Fly Like Cupid (20x)
Heart Shaped Boot Bridges (20x)
Love Crunches (20x)
V-Sits (25x)
Get work out HERE 


Favorite Finds


I already know it makes me feel better…but can help with Math?? Pass me a kiss please. 

101 of America’s Most Crazy Awesome New Desserts – Grub Hub

 I need an excuse for a breakfast meeting so I can go celebrate Pancake Month at Clinton St. Baking

The history of Sweetheart Candies {#mktggeekalert}

10 reasons running is a better Valentine than Ryan Gosling 

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Friday Favorites: 2.10

I used to use Pandora for my workouts until I discovered Rock My Run … plus I’m a geek for stats, so I liked these shared by Carrots ‘n’ Cake

A Ryan Goslling Movie channel?? It makes me almost want to restart cable! Just to have on in the background ….24/7…..

In case you haven’t seen this awesome response from Ellen DeGeneres to her haters.

I don’t usually go for the cutesy animal pictures but c’mon



I’ve recently discovered Last Man Standing for background noise …. I’m suddenly wishing I had sisters.

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Friday Favorites: 12.23

Ryan Gosling in Drunk History Christmas Lesson 

Calories in Homemade Christmas Cookies | Yum Sugar

I love Boo .

There’s a Pinterest copycat … not sure how I feel about that.

Jamba Juice is looking to enter the school market

Christmas around the world


Love this look from Kendi  – would be my perfect holiday outfit if I was staying up North.


I love love love my Orthopedic Surgeon – super friendly, supportive & got excited chatting marathon with him. Plus both he & the other doctor were suited up with red bow ties & everything – classy for the holidays.


I’m in control of the office TV today – we’re watching ABC Family Christmas movies.

In my defense I was looking for Elf – instead we’re watching Holiday in Handcuffs 



Your turn:

What’s your holiday style ? Dress it up or keep it comfy? 

Do you get / wear special holiday PJs? 

What’s your favorite holiday movie ? 

Elf, Home Alone, Santa Claus 


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Random Thoughts || Goodbye November

Did you know that November is National Diabetes Awareness month ?
Because it is.

Therefore, you should read my page sharing a little bit about my experience.

In other news:

Today was a PR for fastest morning run.

2.59 miles (I didn’t say it was long) in 24:30min 

And for number of morning runs per week since August. 

Yeah, about that …

Tomorrow marks my 3 year anniversary at my company.

Just saying…
I have a second chance at making my 11/11/11 wish come true Friday.
My co-worker said if I make it happen that I get Ryan Gosling ….I told her she better know people & make it happen.

I can’t hear out of my left ear.

Like at all.

The next available appointment at the doctors is Monday.

Attempting (safe) home remedies.


Your turn:

Did you watch the Christmas tree lighting?

I did not, but I saw the crowds since it’s only blocks from my office. 

Any home remedies you swear by ?

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It all goes together


  I didn’t listen. 

In fact, I haven’t been very good at following that rule of thumb (who came up with that expression?) in a while. Yes, a morning run on Monday was a big step for getting back on track but the blood sugars killed that idea this morning.  What about after work you ask…

I didn’t have it in me. It was a long, emotional, draining day at the office.

I know that exercise is a stress reliever &  a cure for bad moods. But already being in a “rut” it seemed like triple the energy and it wasn’t about a stress relief.

But this is why I’m setting goals and plans – to stop from these easy outs & excuses. 

To be truthful I didn’t know if I would be able to hold it together on the treadmill tonight.

I’ve been down this path before and it seems it all goes hand in hand in a cycle :

blood sugars, exercise, stress, happiness, motivation, healthy choices.

If you get exercise in line than the rest seems to follow. 

But for tonight, I’ll consider it a success that I didn’t take a spoon straight to the

chocolate soy nutbutter


Instead I settled for a good serving on two crackers.

It’s like Nutella only less sugar …and no hazelnuts….whatever you get the idea.

It’s chocolate and it’s good.

Other key elements for the night : More Ellie Goulding & Adele stations , a hot shower & this awesome letter to Ryan Gosling.


Your turn:

What do you go for during teary times?

Are you a Ryan Gosling fan?

{it’s ok, we can still be friends if you’re not}

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{weekend recap} : Running Record, Lows & More Ryan Gosling

There was more of this:

It was the final day of Summer Streets and after my PDR last week I decided to give it another go. Only this time my (stranger) friend wasn’t there to motivate me and it started out rough. I felt like there were more runners out there this time, compared to all the bikers last weekend. More shirtless guys too might I add. I’ve given up the whole comparison of people passing me thing for the most part and realized that this run wasn’t going to be about speed. But I kept on telling myself to just keep going and if I needed to stop I would but until then just keep trudging along. And I did. For 8+ miles. That’s the longest I’ve run without any breaks or walking yet. I had one moment fighting my phone of incoming work texts but kept it brief and trekked on.

I definitely didn’t stretch enough and there was no foam rolling. I know better than that. Gotta work on not coming home and going straight for the shower. Stretching in the shower doesn’t count. But that’s what I did on Saturday, and then walked to a new cafe and got a smoothie and enjoyed a lovely pile of September issues.

My new thing when icing (this I am very good about)  is to watch silly sitcoms on Netflix & Hulu. Think ABC family. This week it was Switched at Birth. Silly plot lines aside, I found it pretty interesting in how it taught about the Deaf society; I took American Sign Language senior year of high school.

Swapping smoothie for coffee had me crashing hard Saturday late afternoon. I gave into a nap. And when I woke up my blood sugar was on it’s way down…further draining my energy & killing my plans to head out to Brooklyn for a co-worker’s birthday party. Instead I went over to a friends and watched :

Not at all what I thought it was going to be like but I enjoyed it. And still love Ryan Gosling.

And that was my weekend.


Your turn:

What’s your shows are you watching these days?

Are you more reality TV or sitcom?

Any recent movies that surprised you?

Do you hang out with your co-workers outside of office events?


Favorite Finds:

Add these Snackimals to the kryptonite pile. I would imagine I would love them all | Hungry Girl

Rice Krispies Treats used to be my go-to as a kid. Now my grown up go to granola bar makes their own version – Clif Kid Z Bar Crispy  | Hungry Girl

I definitely need to work on my posture | Fit Sugar

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{weekend wrap-up}: Movies &Target

You’re welcome.

Yeah, you should go see this movie.

No seriously. I didn’t have high expectations but love Emma Stone [so excited for The Help!!] & Ryan Gosling [yes, even with clothes on]. I laughed. Like a lot. It’s usually hard for me to sit back & relax and enjoy a movie …. I analyze too much. This one caught me by surprise and had a lot of great one liners.

Other highlights of the weekend included this:

Don’t laugh.

Ask any of my friends, Target is high on my list of happy places and I’ve had serious withdrawals since moving to the city. A visit home means a visit to Target. I once even have a friend offer to include that in my trip to see her. Don’t ask me to explain it, I just have this undying love of the pretty bright lights of Target.

I finally ventured to Harlem to check it out, after seeing that it was much close than I thought when I ran past it a few weeks ago [ you should have seen my face, I came to a halt when I saw the sig].

So while no big adventures, it’s one of those things that instead of continuously  talking about how I want to go/do – I  can cross it off the list.

And as you’ll note, no runs…or any exercise…but more on that later.


Your turn:

What fun things did you do this weekend? Did you see any new movies?