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Working the Holiday Spirit

Whew. This week has had a lot going on.
And none of it involved exercise.
Which may be why my body is begging for a yoga class
(…or two…or three)
and a good sweat cardio session.


Part of all the activity has been various fanfare of holiday arrangements at work.
Client Gifts.
500 of them hand wrapped. With bows. And cards. And labels. 
Company Holiday Party.
RSVP list. Venue guidance. Coordination.
What to wear?!


I wanted sparkles.
I mean isn’t that partly what holiday parties are all about??


 But after a very brief shopping expedition after late nights at the office I decided on this LBD from H&M – it looked good, it felt good…and I’d use it a million times over

 done deal! 

Plus, the sparkles come in from the belt (that I wore with a LBD last year …. hey if the formula works…) and bling it out with some new earrings. Even sticking with basic black heels. I’m a champ at rushed shopping panics and buying quick cheap things, convincing myself that they work. I didn’t want more stuff that I’d never wear again.
 Going for the fun / no stress look this year. 


I just had way too many spoonfuls of Chocolate soynut butter.
That’s right : spoonfuls.
The perfect thing to have the night before you wear a super tight LBD.


Speaking of indulgence… I’ve only had 1 holiday cookie so far this season.
A co-worker brought it in. It was made by her mom. I had to.
I said I would save it…I saved it for about 5 whole minutes.
I had just finished my oatmeal.


Since I seem to be “confessing” … I wore my compression calf sleeves all day today. Did I mention how I haven’t run all week?
My legs are not happy. IT Bands are down right angry.
I have an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon. I have lots to discuss with him.
I hope he realizes that PT is not going to fit into the game plan anytime soon. 


Some how it’s already 10:30pm. I’m ready to pass out.
First time to put on some Krishna Das and do a few light downward dogs so that my legs forgive me when I put on heels tomorrow night.


Your turn:

Have you had your company holiday party yet?

Do you enjoy company parties or are they stressful?

Do you wear sparkles during the holidays?


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{weekend wrap-up}: Movies &Target

You’re welcome.

Yeah, you should go see this movie.

No seriously. I didn’t have high expectations but love Emma Stone [so excited for The Help!!] & Ryan Gosling [yes, even with clothes on]. I laughed. Like a lot. It’s usually hard for me to sit back & relax and enjoy a movie …. I analyze too much. This one caught me by surprise and had a lot of great one liners.

Other highlights of the weekend included this:

Don’t laugh.

Ask any of my friends, Target is high on my list of happy places and I’ve had serious withdrawals since moving to the city. A visit home means a visit to Target. I once even have a friend offer to include that in my trip to see her. Don’t ask me to explain it, I just have this undying love of the pretty bright lights of Target.

I finally ventured to Harlem to check it out, after seeing that it was much close than I thought when I ran past it a few weeks ago [ you should have seen my face, I came to a halt when I saw the sig].

So while no big adventures, it’s one of those things that instead of continuously  talking about how I want to go/do – I  can cross it off the list.

And as you’ll note, no runs…or any exercise…but more on that later.


Your turn:

What fun things did you do this weekend? Did you see any new movies? 

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A Weekend in Worcester

 This past weekend I went up to Worcester, MA to visit a friend. With all the restaurants in NYC  I love seeing what my friends favorite places are, but keep my expectations low, who knew Worcester had a rocking restaurant scene ? 

We started with Tapas 

I am now to converted to Goat Cheese – fried {yes} goat cheese w. honey & almonds to be exact.

Then we went to

to enjoy these:

Apparently the owner of the dessert bar was on cupcake wars

Bocado has some sister restaurants and my friend & I have already paired each up with a planned dessert so that we can try everything on Sweet’s menu {even their savory items look good}.

We went for drinks & $5 sushi afterwards with her boyfriend but we were too full to eat

The rain canceled our plans for hiking so we saw Hangover 2 & went to my beloved Target.

Ended the weekend with at Lucky’s Cafe before heading to the bus for 5 hour nap time.