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Monday Night Yoga : Holy Binds & finding a new goal

I think my yoga teacher somehow got the notice that I need to build arm strength.

There has been a lot of planks lately!

And arm balances.

And binds.


{yoga journal}

My ribs hurt on Tuesday, in that I didn’t know I even had those muscles kind of way.

But! What needs to go in bold is that I held this pose…only for a max of 2 seconds but feet were off the ground!

Take that arms.

Actually while doing the pose, there was a lot of sighing from the class and giving up but I didn’t feel defeated because I actually got closer to it than I thought I would. I realized that step of finding support on your triceps is crucial, once you’re comfortable there it’s easier to complete the movements.

Crow has been one of the poses I like to challenge myself the most with, I think this will also become one of my new goals.


Your turn:

Do you have a goal pose? 


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