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Summer Saturday Firsts

I slept until 9:30 on Saturday – the first time not being rudely awaken by my alarm clock before 5:30am all summer.

When I woke up I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. I knew I’d be meeting a friend for coffee soon enough but we hadn’t set a time.

Gone was the ritual of pre long run.

It was also my first Saturday in August that I was staying in the city.

So what to do when you don’t need to have the usual toast & PB and have some spare time?

Cook pancakes for the first time in months (and like the 5th time in years).

I found a simple recipe off my Pinterest board and adapted it (really chefing it up).

I used oatbran since I didn’t have oats, 1 scoop of protein powder (Sunwarrior Vanilla, 1 scoop = 70 calories vs. her 100 for 1/2) & omitted the stevia (trying to cut out the sugar / sugar substitute s where I can!).


Clearly these look nothing like Dashing Dish’s crepes. These were straight up pancakes and they were yummy. Thick and cakey.

Growing up I used to fear pancakes at slumber parties and such since it was carbs and hard to calculate, usually a serving surpassed my allocation and what slumber party breakfast has perfect servings??

So I steered away from them. And I never got syrup – not the real kind anyways. Though I wasn’t much for the fake stuff either and it wasn’t an option at my dad’s house …. a teeny tiny bit of honey was all I got. Oddly I never got into butter and jam was equally threatening. So I learned to like pancakes dry.

Since these were so thick I didn’t do the yogurt filling, plus I just wasn’t craving it. Perhaps one day I’ll look up a no-sugar glaze type recipe (any suggestions??) to go with it.

This morning I made them again! Before coffee and before even putting my contacts in (that might be considered a fire hazard)! I tossed in some of the fresh cherries that I’ve been obsessing over this summer. Out of kitchen tools I never thought I’d need – I definitely would have made use with a cherry pitter!


Ignore the coffee grounds on the counter … contacts still weren’t in yet. 


So what else made  it a Saturday of firsts? 

Finally having a coffee date with a friend who lives a block below me…..and plotting Color Run logistics.

Meeting a friend’s boyfriend finally – love when I get to meet the person behind all the stories.

Meeting new babysitting charges …. these kids are serious soccer players !

Not having to get on a bus and letting plans evolve naturally   – love when it all links up together!



Your turn:

Are you love a pancake lover ? 

Syrup ? Real or Fake? Butter? 

Favorite pancake recipe ? 


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The week (&1/2) that wasn’t : the attack of the snooze button

I first started running in the morning the last week of June. The following week, July 4th, I made it my new habit … going for 12 days in a row for a mix of 3 -5 miles each day. Through heat & a ridiculously tight (strained?) calf muscle. My fear was that if I missed a day I would be throwing in the towel on this new program. Even though I know rest days & cross training are important.  I wasn’t committed to a training plan, I didn’t (don’t) even have a goal in mind …I just wanted to see if I could really make this stick. And I did for 27 runs for the month of July. I backed off a bit and did 14 runs in the first 3 weeks of August. And than stopped. Only I haven’t stopped, I’ve just had a week off….since August 22nd.

In July it was super hot, super sunny, super active. August hit and it started staying dark at 5am. I’m all for cooling down but waking up & running in the dark …well I hadn’t thought about that yet.

hmmm maybe I should try this tactic....


And so fighting with the snooze button began…again. I have a 2nd alarm on my dresser as back up to my iPhone. That clock is now in the garbage after knocking it to the ground several times [I shouldn’t be allowed brake-able things]. I’m not giving up yet on the whole morning run thing. Heck, I even still woke up before 7am this week but took care of somethings instead.

I’d like to think of it as a recharge. And perhaps I should find a goal/plan to work on ?


Your turn:

Do you feel guilty for skipping several runs ?

I’m trying really hard not to so that I stay positive & want to get back out there

Are you a morning runner? 

Do you run outside?

How do you stay motivated once it starts getting dark?