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When [will you run]

If running is important to you, then your mind-set shifts from Can I find time for it? to When can I find time for it? You think in terms not of Will I run today? but When will I run today?

– Scott Douglas, author of The Little Red Book of Running via Runners World

That was the quote of the day from Runners World this morning. Which I received after a battle against the snooze button (again) in which it won (again). I knew that I would cranky this evening that I was forced to run after work now that I’ve gotten use to just crashing. But since I skipped yesterdays 2 miles there was no getting out of tonight. Not quite matching the mind-set but getting there…

Opting out of Wednesday morning was fairly warranted – my blood-sugar was over 500 after soccer which I of course over treated and woke up 27. Those are about as bad as it gets on either sides. Of course drenched in sweat and 1/2 asleep I over treated again (yes, a reoccurrence) and woke up in the 300s …which meant no run.

So my excuse for not making up for it Wednesday night? Despite mentioning that stress-management was my daily healthy effort I had a very (very) emotional day at work that left me drained and in bed at 9:30. Why yes, I did lose to the snooze button after going to bed ridiculously early.

Anyways….I had the whole idontwannaaaaa thing going on but after having one too many handfuls of PB Cheerios I told myself I had to be out the door by 8:30. Luckily my sneakers still make me happy and lacing up was a little easier.

When I used to run at night I ran in the East Village where I was always dodging people, running around the Upper East Side is not quite the same and I opted out of running along the river.

RunKeeper was lying to me again, whispering in my ear that I was running 8 minute miles.

I remapped it when I got home and it was 3.75 miles with an average pace of 10:13. I’ll go with it, there were moments I felt like the entire run was uphill but had a really strong finish at the end.

P.S. I love that in NYC I can finish a run, cool down for a block and stop into the grocery store not caring if I’m flushed/sweaty/seen. Freezer is still broken and I was starting to play roulette not icing my knee & groin so I stopped to pick up a bag…and peanut butter b/c 24 hours with out PB is too long.


Your turn:

Are you a morning or night runner?



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Pass me the ball

I played soccer from 7 – 12 grade and intramural in 5th & 6th. 

I spent a lot of time on the bench. 

I broke my arm in 7th grade by “tripping over the soccer ball”
(it was wet, I went to pull the ball back & I went forward).
I strained my MCL in 12th grade
(I shouldn’t have even been in the game, it was the last 10 min & I had been out sick from practice and it was one of our last games. I was turning to catch up with a girl that blew past me headed to the goal) 

A friend & old teammate suggested a league she had joined. Last year I couldn’t fit it in with work but with later games this season I decided to go for it. A little nervous of how competitive / all-star filled it would be , my theory was she saw me in my best attempts & struggles so how bad could it be. Plus I could always just be the benchwarmer for the league.

So when the email went out with details for the first game (last night) & my friend mentioned she couldn’t go my instant reaction:

wait whatttt??? I have to go alone??? I, but, oh no, awkward. 

But I couldn’t back out. Plus I’m 25, not going just because a friend wasn’t going – lame.

So I went. Slightly petrified. And definitely feeling awkward.

But guess what? No major blunders, no injuries & a some fun!

Plus we won.


So with late games, I thought that definitely ruled out attempts at Wednesday morning gym sessions.

It wasn’t the later bedtime that ruined it – a 4am low bloodsugar killed that idea on its own. 5:30 rolled around and 1/2 still feeling woozy & 1/2 sleeping led to a lot of snooze button hitting. It’s going to be a little tricky figuring out how to balance insulin, uncontrolled activity & dinner/no dinner situation.

{this would be totally dangerous for me and not be aligned with my #11 goal for 2012 }

The one #success was that I snuck in one round of this :


Recently discovered that I can save a “pin” to my iPhone camera – pulling it up at the gym even with no service. #awesome


Your turn:

Did you play sports in high school?

Have you ever joined an adult league ?

Any favorite new exercises found on Pinterest? 

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Monday Night Yoga: Free time to Exhale

 So I had grand plans that if we were given the week off between Christmas & New Years I would take full advantage of all the fitness classes my gym offers which I don’t usually get to go to,  as well as finally use passes to Pure Yoga and my gift certificate to Exhale.

Sometimes too many options and too much time leads to little action. 

But I did get to 2 Exhale classes. Both Slow Flow – aiming for a restorative approach and working on the whole knee/hip/groin thing.


I went Saturday to the UES 12:15 with Diana Rilov. I went to the gym for a quick 30 min cardio warm up first and since I’m awful with timing and estimating how long it takes to get some place (and thinking the studio was closer to the gym than it was) I had to hustle – when it started to rain – wtf anyone else get caught in that quick shower? I snuck into class (luckily I wasn’t the only one so I wasn’t completely disruptive). Maybe it was because I jumped in but I was out of synch with the instructor. It was also my first time in that location and it’s a lot brighter. In a true NYC moment there was a fight between two women that involved a (barking) dog. Channel that Zen! At one point we went into that 1/2 table top 1/2 wheel pose. I actually have no idea what it’s called – I’d go with reaching table – but when someone asked the instructor her reply was “I don’t know but we just do it because it’s fun!” At first I thought she was a little batty but as she kept on exclaiming “it’s fun!” I realized that sometimes being on the mat isn’t only about letting it go to find that center point – sometimes it’s just about letting go and not any deeper than that.

{urban yoga girl via pin}

Since I jumped straight into the practice I also didn’t really see who I was practicing with until 1/2 way through the class. I was the youngest one there which is how I started out but far different from my usual gym class. It’s actually easier for me to not compare / judge / be competitive in that environment.


Just as I ended the previous year, I started the new one off with another Exhale class. This time at the Central Park South location where I’ve been previously. This location is to me a more traditional studio – darker & quieter. The instructor was Danielle Lee and her style was what I needed – she focused on legs & alignment.


It’s cliché & all zen sounding but it’s true : there’s something to learn from each class. Whether it’s more mind focused like in Saturday’s class or deepening a pose like Sunday or testing your strength like often in Monday night classes.

Which I didn’t go to this week. Again. Having the day off, I went to the gym mid day and the idea of having an early night was too alluring and a rare chance.

Since both my snooze button & blood-sugars won this morning over the gym I’m going to attempt a yoga class at the gym – we’ll see how that battle goes against work.


Your turn:

Any yoga goals for the new year?

Do you prefer a certain type of environment / studio ? 


Favorite Finds

The cost (time & money) of becoming a yoga instructor (of which there are over 50,000 of in the US). {yoga journal}

I’m pretty sure my liver is healthy (that whole not drinking thing…) but here are some yoga poses to help detox from the holidays. {blisstree}

I have to say that tweens was the hardest age group I’ve taught yoga to. 3-6 was my  target audience and that one summer I taught high schoolers I had only graduated a year before but it was in a library vs. a camp so I had better control. Still traumatized by the girls who sat Macrame-ing on the mat ignoring yoga time. Maybe because I never had my camp experience? Anywayssss, I totally would have checked out this video for guidance Bendigirl Yoga for Girls  , {fitbottom mamas}

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What a morning !

  • I picked snooze button over run (yeah this trend needs to end)
  • I dug out my iron to put together a professional outfit for an out of office meeting
  • Just as I was headed out the door I learned meeting was moved to tomorrow
  • Jumped right out of that outfit and into jeans so that I could wear it tomorrow (we’re a super casual office)
  • Than as I was headed out for the 2nd time (already missing the bus) my blood sugar crashed
So now picture : me grabbing my gym bag, purse & iced coffee, pouring out glucose tablets & downing them, ripping open a Cliff Z bar , and trying to fix my strappy sandals while I was on the move (ie: each landing point on the stairs).
Pretty sure that’s what you describe as a hot mess. 
This is what I was going for toned down a notch (pinterest)

this is more my everyday style (but not me: pinterest)

Your turn:
Do you get thrown off easily in the morning? 
How do you get yourself back on track ? 
Is your office casual or business? 

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The week (&1/2) that wasn’t : the attack of the snooze button

I first started running in the morning the last week of June. The following week, July 4th, I made it my new habit … going for 12 days in a row for a mix of 3 -5 miles each day. Through heat & a ridiculously tight (strained?) calf muscle. My fear was that if I missed a day I would be throwing in the towel on this new program. Even though I know rest days & cross training are important.  I wasn’t committed to a training plan, I didn’t (don’t) even have a goal in mind …I just wanted to see if I could really make this stick. And I did for 27 runs for the month of July. I backed off a bit and did 14 runs in the first 3 weeks of August. And than stopped. Only I haven’t stopped, I’ve just had a week off….since August 22nd.

In July it was super hot, super sunny, super active. August hit and it started staying dark at 5am. I’m all for cooling down but waking up & running in the dark …well I hadn’t thought about that yet.

hmmm maybe I should try this tactic....


And so fighting with the snooze button began…again. I have a 2nd alarm on my dresser as back up to my iPhone. That clock is now in the garbage after knocking it to the ground several times [I shouldn’t be allowed brake-able things]. I’m not giving up yet on the whole morning run thing. Heck, I even still woke up before 7am this week but took care of somethings instead.

I’d like to think of it as a recharge. And perhaps I should find a goal/plan to work on ?


Your turn:

Do you feel guilty for skipping several runs ?

I’m trying really hard not to so that I stay positive & want to get back out there

Are you a morning runner? 

Do you run outside?

How do you stay motivated once it starts getting dark?

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Weak Excuses

Last week was an all-star in fitness. This week? Not so much. The worst part is, it’s been one of those internal battles; wrestling with the snooze button, finding any reasoning to make an excuse. The truth of it all: I’m in a funk.

Waking up early for runs before work came so unnaturally easy for me last week that when it became a struggle I easily threw in the towel.

And my old gym routine? I dug deep for excuses. Actually that’s a lie – I found them easily right in front of me.

I skipped my favorite Yoga session and the butt kicking Pilates class with promises of doing an at home workout (lies) or the justification that I had more timely things to take care of (also ignored).

The one excuse I will accept  is that my stomach has been out of sorts, not something I frequently deal with, just enough for me to let it win. Have I changed my diet? Of course not, my appetite hasn’t change so why give up chocolate or coffee? Instead I skip the workouts.

I know I’ll correct this, probably not tomorrow but within a few days. But this is the cycle I go through : good weeks and then bad. Undoing my hard work from the week before by giving it all up. It’s what keeps me from being dedicated.  Or type A.

Enough whining {though I’m good at it}.  Time to get my head back into it… remember that time when I was injured (not long ago) and crying to sweat. No more excuses – that wont make me strong.


What’s your go to excuse? How do you fight it?