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Dear (left) kneecap,

Dear (left) kneecap,

I’m sorry. Ever since that night (May 17th I believe)  in soccer when I slammed in the guy on the team, smashing you in to a shin guard or body part, you have taken quite the beating. It seems like there’s a gravitational pull to knocking you against something.

The moment it first happen I felt a sense of “oh crap what did I do?” because there were only a few games left and my main goal was to end the season injury free, ready for marathon training. While there was some intense throbbing you let me finish out the game (feeling tough might I add). I was in physical therapy at the time and in between games I thought about getting a knee pad to protect you – PT didn’t think it was a silly idea.

    though I kind of wish I had these :  {there’s such things as crawling knee pads??}

Boy was my outfit silly, hot pink compression sleeves, black knee pad & either yoga shorts or one time bright blue compression shorts (that was a sexy outfit).

Yes, one of those annoying self portraits … mostly for the vibrant one on the left…yes that is what I wore to soccer one night (our team shirt was the same blue color) + the knee pad. 

But it seems I need the knee pad even more off the field. I really did a number Memorial Day Weekend. You were still pretty painful, nothing like the usual knee pain – this had nothing to do with tendons and all about knee cap. I was out with friends on a boat (yay!) weary of any knee slapping – and trusted me – I moved hands many times as we were all squished in cars. Speaking of cars: the time we snuck a 5th person into a cab and she rested right on you – sorry about that, you weren’t too happy. Anyways, back to MDW, we were doing good until we stopped for lunch. As I climbed onto the dock I managed to slam you straight into the side of the boat. The little girl in front of me prevented me from some serious explicits. I made sure to get a cup of ice straight away at the bar, which wasn’t awkward at all, no not at all.

My physical therapist called me a klutz – he’s right. I have proceeded to hit you with my laptop numerous times, knock you into the bathroom wall, hit you on bathroom cabinet, as well as a few other corners. Never the right knee, oh no, only you, so that you are still bruised and have a lump after months.

Despite all that – thank youthankyouthank you for not interfering with my running! I have the rest of my knee ( and hip and groin and hip flexor and IT band to deal with …wow left side, really??) to deal with.

I promise to keep on icing you (you get more love the rest above when it comes to icing/heating) and wearing the knee pad for yoga…I know we’re still trying to figure out all those lunges but my hip flexor really needs them. I’m ok with holding off on crow pose.

Look, I’ve even started to use the knee pad as a mat holder so that I wouldn’t forget it. Pretty nifty of me if I do say so myself. And why yes, that is my own little PT corner.

So I’m sorry left knee cap, I really really don’t mean to be beating you up. Let’s work together to get healed up pretty soon ok?


– me

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{running newbie} : Track / Ladder Workout

Who knew I’d be fist pumping “this is awesome” in my head while running around a track??

The track scared me – it conjured up memories of gym class track & field unit which was more humbling than volleyball & was harder to fake then gymnastics. I remember counting laps and it seemed to take forever to reach 4 …and that half a lap seemed like a really far distance for my friends to be head of me.

A lot has changed. 14 laps seemed totally achievable and easy to count out. Ok, I may not have known it was 14 laps until I just added up the intervals, but broken up with a max set of 3 laps gave me the “anything for 5 min” mentality.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to join the TFK’s practice last Wednesday night so it was a true test of following a plan and stepping outside of my comfort zone – all by my own motivation. Thomas Jefferson Park track was where it was going to go down. Since I wasn’t going to run until after 8p I decided to switch it to Thursday night when I could head over with plenty of sunlight left. I opted for 6p. I jogged a mile along the east river for my warm up and the crossed over the bridge at 112th street.

I thought there might be a soccer game going on but didn’t care – I had seen some people running around the track before. The park was busy! Walking past the playground I saw families – including  a few moms making the equipment their gym – awesome! I stepped onto the track and soccer was in full swing. A game was going on in the center of the track for adults but there were plenty of children kicking a ball or a few around. Kids that just learned how to walk were chasing after balls.

The moment I took off for my first lap I felt a spring in my step. It was awesome to feel some speed. Instead of feeling the plan daunting I thought : 1 lap – look how short it seems now, I can totally knock it out. Recover lap, ok take it slow save it for the next 2 laps to gun it. When it came to doing 3 laps at high-speed it definitely got harder to maintain but I reminded myself that this was the hardest part – not even a mile – I could totally take it on…and the I would get to recover.

A ladder workout is a total new concept to me – something for “real runners.” But for the first 3-4 laps I was telling myself this is awesome, omg I think I love speed work – is that possible? This why I’ve been pulling back on my other runs and it makes the 12+ mm ok.

{so judging by the difference of distance …I tend to weave a lot apparently}


I was the only woman without children there and I was the minority – but what does that matter? I’m very good at ignoring looks (running in crowded Florence taught me early) and got to watch a (skilled) soccer game the entire time.

I’ve been having major soccer withdrawal, so it made my night when I’d kick back a ball to a kid …don’t think they felt the same as they would still have to run after it.


Being surrounded by all these kids just added inspiration – as a reminder of who and what I’m training for.

Healthy can be fun.




I’m fundraising for :     bringing  awareness to teaching kids how to build their healthiest lifestyle . 

You can help support, no amount is too little and any is greatly appreciated!! My personal page is: here


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Soccer: Final Game {6/7}

We were the undefeated champions of our indoor league.


When we all decided we were in for Spring/Outdoor league we moved up in the divisions. We added to the team, some new to the program & some veterans. We knew that we were bound to come across a few losses but we ended up having quite a few ties & wins. For the first set of playoff games all 8 teams played, 4 winning teams would advance the following week and 2 would play for the championship directly after.

Spoiler: we only played one game.

But we played that game hard & intense. It was the way to go out. The girls on the opposing team were speedy little sprinters, which we were quickly reminded of and set up strategy.

It was not my best performance – I had flashbacks of high school: running around In circles trying to keep up with the opponent. And then turning and sprinting to catch up when they blew past me. While down 1:2, we came back stronger & focused in the second half, we played hard until the end (well blood sugars spiked but I felt low – so my team played hard). We tied the game in the last minute when my teammate headed it in. I was busy celebrating and turned my back to miss the awesome teamwork, shot and sadly miss in the last few seconds. It came to another shoot-out with good shots from both teams but which ultimately had us packing up for the bar.

Most of the team is sticking together and gets right back out on the field. The two leaving are moving out of the city and I’m out until after the marathon. Not even as a sub. I already miss playing (the moment you’re told you can’t …) but with my accident/injury proneness, it’s not worth it. So I’m just going to have to become a really good cheerleader!

And if you ever thought about joining an adult league – do it! Let this former bench warmer be proof that it’s never to late to find your confidence out on the field.

Good luck tonight team!

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Soccer: 5/31

One game closer to champions.

Last Thursday night we had our first playoff games for the spring season.

It was with the team that we had our first lost against ( a game I skipped because of my hip).

They scored first but we came into the game within the first half (my first assist While they countered that with another goal right away, we were already stepping it up. We knew what needed to happen to win the game and pushed them up. We tied the game 2-2 to end with a shoot out. 2 guys, 1 girl. By our schedule shooter the game was over – we won!

I have to say, coming from teams in middle school & high school where we’d win maybe 1 game per season, it’s fun being part of a winning team!

We stepped up divisions from the indoor league (where we were undefeated champs – my first trophy!), but we’ve been holding our own in outdoors. Let’s see what next week brings!

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That is the lovely knee (or elbow if I decide to take up rollerblading) pad that I rocked at soccer. After banging up my knee at the last game I was a little frightened of either another blast or being overly conservative to prevent impact. I joked about rigging up some sort of knee pad after having trouble in yoga & physical therapy. After taking another blow to it by hitting it while getting off a boat (I was fine during softball & go-karting … go figure), it was confirmed … and I didn’t feel so silly when my physical therapist agreed. Something about pooling blood and busted knee caps told me not to take chances. And when he asked if I was a klutz I told him he should as my downstairs neighbor. 

So after yoga (in which my hamstrings loved the modified lunges) I raced to Modell’s to search for the cheapest, basic knee pad. Then I discovered running in volleyball knee pads was only going to add to my awkwardness/ungracefulness. So I went with the real deal.  Wore them during yoga today too.

To make them even sexier – I was wearing my bright blue compression shorts & hot pink compression calf sleeves.