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Soccer: Final Game {6/7}

We were the undefeated champions of our indoor league.


When we all decided we were in for Spring/Outdoor league we moved up in the divisions. We added to the team, some new to the program & some veterans. We knew that we were bound to come across a few losses but we ended up having quite a few ties & wins. For the first set of playoff games all 8 teams played, 4 winning teams would advance the following week and 2 would play for the championship directly after.

Spoiler: we only played one game.

But we played that game hard & intense. It was the way to go out. The girls on the opposing team were speedy little sprinters, which we were quickly reminded of and set up strategy.

It was not my best performance – I had flashbacks of high school: running around In circles trying to keep up with the opponent. And then turning and sprinting to catch up when they blew past me. While down 1:2, we came back stronger & focused in the second half, we played hard until the end (well blood sugars spiked but I felt low – so my team played hard). We tied the game in the last minute when my teammate headed it in. I was busy celebrating and turned my back to miss the awesome teamwork, shot and sadly miss in the last few seconds. It came to another shoot-out with good shots from both teams but which ultimately had us packing up for the bar.

Most of the team is sticking together and gets right back out on the field. The two leaving are moving out of the city and I’m out until after the marathon. Not even as a sub. I already miss playing (the moment you’re told you can’t …) but with my accident/injury proneness, it’s not worth it. So I’m just going to have to become a really good cheerleader!

And if you ever thought about joining an adult league – do it! Let this former bench warmer be proof that it’s never to late to find your confidence out on the field.

Good luck tonight team!