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Despite kicking my own butt with self-created strength routing {ie: pulling together a list of exercises I knew I could at least attempt} I knew I wanted to mix it up and have some guidance. After being slightly intimidated by the Tone It Up girls {we didn’t really have cheerleaders in high school….} I couldn’t ignore the fact that they put together some killer routines that are widely used. I’m not following any of their challenges directly, one training plan (1/2 marathon) is enough to attempt alone, but I wanted to give them a shot.

Last Thursday I did my run in the morning but left my strength training for the evening … with very little time & energy. So I decided to tackle the Slim & Tone Your Thighs workout video from TIU which included:

 Squat with leg abductions

 Plie Squat 

Single leg deadlift {+ 3lb weights} 

 Curtsey Squat 

{each 3 sets of 15 per side}

They recommend doing stairs…I do 5 flights 2 times a day…I consider stairs done.
Holy hamstrings! It may not have been much but I was feeling this Friday.
Heck my hamstrings are still feeling it.

Monday I slacked in the strength training and left it for late night too. Over the weekend I had a chance to check out the TIU website for more workouts and found this old one from Christmas:

{click image for video & full workout from Tone It Up }

It included:

Angel wings {squats} x 20 

MistleTOE touches & reach for the stars (deadlift reaches) x 20 

Raindeer Row x 20 

Nutcracker into Candy Cane xt 20 

Santa’s Sleigh (I had socks…I did not have paper plates) x 20 

Deck the halls (lunges) x 50 

You’re suppose to do the circuit 3x …I did it 1x.

 But after being reminded of the power of Donkey Kicks I added:

Donkey Kicks 2 x 25 per side

Side leg raises 2 x 25 per side

Why hello glutes, nice to know that you exist.

My goal for this week is to fit in at least one circuit for arms & core…b/c lord knows those muscles haven’t been worked in ages and I’m ready to make them hurt.


Your turn:

Do you follow plans for strength training or put together your own circuit ?


Goal update: 1 month in

A month in, let’s take a look back at my goals for 2012 shall we ?
1. Run NYC Marathon Signed up for the More/Fitness Magazine 1/2 marathon , scheduled doctors appointment to set up a plan & build a support team. 
2. Raise money for Team for Kids Time to step up the game on this one {you can help HERE!!} But I’ve put together some plans of actionn
3. Strength train I’m doing it! Still trying to find the right plan as right now I’m just grabbing a hodge podge of things but I’m still feeling Monday night’s circuit. 
4. Build arm strength This is on the agenda for tomorrow, a rest day for legs, but I can tell you that I’m feeling it a bit from #plankadays (when I do them) 
5. Floss regularly #fail. major #fail. I have a dentist appointment on Saturday. They’re going to be mad at me. 
6. Cook one new meal a month I made pancakes! I may have burnt them but they still came out yummy.  {following this recipe + a heavy smear of PB & honey} 
7. Aim for more balanced dinners I did! Morning workouts definitely help with this because I have more time in the evening. My attempts: 
1) Veggie burger w. spinach & laughing cow swiss cheese & balsamic vinaigrette on crackers
2) Spinach with feta, chickpeas, dried cranberries & {frozen} sweet potatoes 
3) {frozen} Butternut squash with dried cranberries, pecans, cinnamon & a drizzle of honey
8. Repair injuries – right shoulder, right groin, left knee (<<focus>>) left IT Band, left hip. I went to my orthopedic doctor to get clearance for the knee, trying to keep out of PT for the moment so icing a bunch and really trying to pay attention to strength training & stretching. 
9. Make my 11/11/11 wish come true. Oh bother. I am trying. This can’t come soon enough but as of right now I’m back at square one. 
10. Do wheel pose in yoga That would mean I’d have to be doing yoga and I haven’t been to good at that. 
11. Make smart financial decisions. Taking a shopping break after the holiday definitely helps. 
12. Include more veggies in my diet. I put shredded carrots in my maple brown sugar oatmeal – it’s like carrot cake muffin! Or it will be once I stop using the horrid rice protein powder but I’m cheap and want to use it all up.
13. Drink more water. Sigh, not enough. I picked up more Nuun tablets to help with the chugging. 
14. Try out new fitness classes. ummmm, this weekend??  Unless new yoga classes  at Exhale count!
15. Get involved in the health & wellness community. Soccer! Ok, that’s not what I originally had in mind. I’ve had some great discussions with a co-worker about how we can get more involved but I haven’t done anything yet. I’m going to blame it on having to move at the end of the month. 
Today’s workout: a sluggish 3.04 miles in 35:25 (11:39 m/m). I need to start brewing coffee before my run. Attempting to get some quick quad exercises in before bed, motivation: tomorrow is rest day and I get a little extra sleep! 
Your turn:
Any major progression in a 2012 goal for you?

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{Weekend Recap} : Epic brunch, new finds & strength training

{Today was the first time I went out to lunch with co-workers in the three years I’ve been with my company. And I like my co-workers.  So including doctors appointments I believe I’ve had 5 lunches out of the office in 3 years. I’ve never packed lunch either….a reason why I can’t justify ordering take out at home – it’s delivered each day to work. #juststaying} 

A little recap of the weekend shall we ? 

What was supposed to be accomplished:  30 minutes of crosstraining on Saturday & 4 miles on Sunday.

What was accomplished: neither of those things. Unless brief table top dancing at brunch counts as crosstraining and going up & down 5 flights of stairs several times counts as 4 miles.

Yeah, I didn’t think so. My excuses? Sleep & the most epic birthday brunch that unintentionally lasted all day. Oh and Sunday…all those low blood-sugars I whined about…I overcorrected and woke up too high for a workout in the morning. And then overcorrected again and was too low. ::sigh:: the story of my life. I have my doctor’s appointment Friday, time to put more of a plan in action.

So am I even serious about this? I mean week one and I already missed several runs and had some rough blows.

Hell yeah. Today was strength training & stretching. I woke up low (I know I’m getting sick of saying it too) and knew that that left me with one option : a routine would be done after work. It’s a little easier to manage strength vs. cardio when blood-sugars are awry so no excuses allowed.

Report: done!

Leg Workout App (each exercise 1 min each…total = 10 min )
 -Side leg lift right
– Side leg lift left
– Inner thigh raise left
– Side leg lift left
– Side leg kick left
– Inner thigh raise right
– hamstring curls {with 3 lb weight b/c that’s all I had}
– Quad lifts
– Static lunge right
– Static lunge left
Butt Workout App (each exercise 1 min each…total = 10 min )
– Squat
– Front lunges
– side lunges
– Deadlift (3lb weight…definitely too light)
– Donkey kick right
– Donkey kick left
– Hip Bridge
– Leg Extensions
– Flutter Kicks
– Froggy glutes lifts
1 min wall squat 
10 squats 
1 min plank (x2)
1 min side plank (each side)
Kneeling roundhouse kick (15 x3 per side)


What made running around all Sunday worth it :

Stocking up on these :    

Finding this    

Snagging a  box of this  

Discovering these  …they remind me of Gushers!

Snack time is complete. Only I make snacks for meals.

Some how it’s almost 11pm …where does the night go???


Your turn:

What’s your favorite kid snack that you eat as an adult? 

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Day 1 : First Training Plan

Today started my first day of a training plan.


Strength training. ugh, my weakness.

Yesterday morning I came home after meeting a friend before setting out for a day of errands and a yoga class. I was hit with such a wave of exhaustion that after downing two homemade iced-coffees all that was happening was a nap. And than I woke up low. Goodbye productive day. I was basically wiped out until I went to bed that night. No errands done, no healthy food stocked, no outfits scoped out for the new week or papers lined up in order. Instead it was all left in a mess. Including my plan for strength training today.

And I am not about to put together a plan at 5:30am.  

Plus there was a debate going on in my head if Pilates counted since I discovered last week that my favorite instructor teaches Mondays at my morning gym.

I did 15 min of that side-stepper machine and then after some stretches (the foam roller was hiding) I went to the machines.

Leg Press : 3 sets of 15 @ 115lbs 

Hip abductors: 3 sets of 15 @ 70lbs

Hip Adductors: 3 sets of 15 @ 70lbs


And that was it. Bloodsugars were still hating me and even though I wasn’t  I felt low  – a low hangover? Enough for me to call uncle and wrap it up.

So day 1 – not off to a great start. I need to put together a proper strength training plan (yadayadayada – I  know I say this often), ideally I would like to not be using the machines, it was my lazy / no thinking plan.

Tomorrow is 3 mile run – I should know how to do that. 


Your turn:

Any favorite strength training exercises?