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Friday Favorites: 12.30

I want to go to Murder by Chocolate! {I love the idea of experience gifts}

There’s a new Eloise in NYC…Sophie…and she even has an app.

I don’t remember ever being a huge Elmo fan but this documentary about the man behind him look interesting.


I cleared out a lot of magazines … which led to a lot of pinning.

This is a moodboard from Kara’s Party Idea for a Vintage 20’s Peacock Christmas Party … I think it would make for a fabulous New Years Eve Party too….#justsaying

Target Compression Capris. Thank you Santa. Now, it’s just time to put them to use  because I’m pretty sure they weren’t intended for accomplishing things on the computer.

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{weekend wrap-up}: Movies &Target

You’re welcome.

Yeah, you should go see this movie.

No seriously. I didn’t have high expectations but love Emma Stone [so excited for The Help!!] & Ryan Gosling [yes, even with clothes on]. I laughed. Like a lot. It’s usually hard for me to sit back & relax and enjoy a movie …. I analyze too much. This one caught me by surprise and had a lot of great one liners.

Other highlights of the weekend included this:

Don’t laugh.

Ask any of my friends, Target is high on my list of happy places and I’ve had serious withdrawals since moving to the city. A visit home means a visit to Target. I once even have a friend offer to include that in my trip to see her. Don’t ask me to explain it, I just have this undying love of the pretty bright lights of Target.

I finally ventured to Harlem to check it out, after seeing that it was much close than I thought when I ran past it a few weeks ago [ you should have seen my face, I came to a halt when I saw the sig].

So while no big adventures, it’s one of those things that instead of continuously  talking about how I want to go/do – I  can cross it off the list.

And as you’ll note, no runs…or any exercise…but more on that later.


Your turn:

What fun things did you do this weekend? Did you see any new movies?