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Recap on Thanksgiving Fun: 

There’s only one thing that brings me to Worcester … an amazing friend from my senior year in college. She invited me up for her Friendsgiving celebration, not only were we long overdue for a visit, but her friends and family are just as welcoming and fun as she is. I took Friday off from work (still getting use this whole vacation concept but it was much-needed) and we spent the day indulging in girly activities & party planning. She even found decoration inspiration from P (so proud since I convinced her she had to join – she also joined Instagram after seeing me take pictures – I will turn the gang into social media mavens!) 

It was a take-a-break-from-the-city getaway.
Plus I found a cape! In one of those I would have walked right past it unless my friend pointed it out type of way.

Dare I say that the food was even better than my actual Thanksgiving Meal ?

It was most definitely!

It was my second year doing the Montauk Turkey Trot. It’s a total family race (no one wears costumes though! I did see a few hats & shirts…), my stepmom has been doing it for a while & runs it with their dog while my dad cheers us on.

Last year was bitterly cold in the 30s. This year couldn’t have been better – sunny & in the 50s.
I clocked in at 28:56 – a PR!

After the race we stopped by the beach (pretty much required when your parents surf), it was awesome seeing so many people out being active before feasting.

In true #willrunforcoffee spirit, our drive home was a hunt for a coffee place still open. We came across (ok drove past but I made them stop) Jack’s Coffee. I actually worked across the street just after I graduated college, sad that it popped up once I left.


Not only are they serious about their coffee but the place is awesomely decorated.
Tons of details.

20111129-150155.jpg     20111129-150239.jpg

Afterwards, I stopped by to visit with my aunt & cousins and we went for a walk. I got on the skateboard but was not brave enough to have the dog pull me – instead I had my cousin do it! There was a period when I was about 10 maybe that her & I would skateboard after school with her brothers. She was 5. Pretty sure we were both pulled along back than too.


My dad makes fun of me for being a NYC’er who wears black all the time (I was in fact wearing all black when I traveled out) but I showed him!
Busted out the fall colors for Thanksgiving.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. I’m becoming a fan of this tradition since it’s a small group & we’re all adults. However I wasn’t overly impressed with this place. My parents just did a vegan detox and are adopting a more vegan lifestyle (with tons of flexibility) – the restaurant was owned by the same people who ran the program so they offered a special menu. Nothing caught my eye so I went for the traditional plate : Turkey (eh), mashed potatoes (didn’t even try them), stuffing (the best part – the doughiest I’ve ever had), veggies (over steamed kind). There wasn’t even cranberry sauce! I missed brussel sprouts & sweet potatoes.

Since they forgot our bread basket before hand and everything was nicely portioned out there was no over-indulging. I made up for that the next night …

Funny enough, I used to work across the street from here as well (same company too, just the year before) but always overlooked it. I had no idea it was a vegetarian / vegan restaurant.  There was a bread basket here! Plus warm pita & hummus. I tried scallops for the first time with sautéed spinach, pecans and butternut squash. My dad & I split the vegan carrot cake (my stepmom & I were sorely missing having pie leftovers …she got an apple crumb). I can’t wait to try out more from the menu!

I was feeling the indulgence – I mistakenly wore jeans that night. I was dropped off at my high school best friend’s house since I was crashing with her for the night – I felt like I was 14 again. After we went out for drinks meeting up with my other best friend and our newly engaged friend (!). The was talk about how one who just completed culinary school baked & shared pies …when we got home C & I had one thing in mind – digging in to Tate’s Pumpkin Pie.

I headed back to the city Saturday midday to do some shopping & errands. Meeting up with a friend that evening, I completed my Thanksgiving feasting at Peacefood Cafe. After we split the dumplings (delish!) I got asian pumpkin & brussel sprouts – exactly what had been missing! At first glance the side dish had no hopes of being enough but by the time I finished we had to wait for dessert! Which was gelato from Screme – of course I got pumpkin pie.

So while I haven’t been seeing how many ways I can remix leftovers, I’ve certainly had my fix of culinary delights. And good company!


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Still giving thanks

Some times it’s easiest to focus on what’s not going the ideal way.
I found out last week that my 11/11/11 wish didn’t come true.
Blood sugars are a mess & we’re just entering the holiday craze.
Exercise is weak.

– But Thanksgiving is a reminder to let all of those things go and focus on the good things that fill my life. – 


A few things I’m thankful for:

1. Roasted Brussel Sprouts. I love ’em. Should enjoy them more.

2. My wonderful, amazing friends. Most of my closest friends live outside NYC and come from various points in my life but no matter what,we’re there for each other.

3. Black dresses + boots. This is my new travel uniform.

4. The ability to run. Sometime not without pain or trouble but with full capability.
5. Coffee. Always
6. Fro-yo. Especially the 16-Handle birthday cake, pumpkin spice & apple pie variety

7. Sunshine. It makes me happy.

8. My diabetes.  Yes that’s right. Sometimes it sucks (especially recently) but out of all the things in life, I’m glad I’m facing a challenge that is well-recognized and has plenty of support in research. It could be worse. It could always be worse.

9. Living in NYC. It’s not always easy or relaxing but it’s empowering & eventful.

10. Chocolate. I don’t understand people who don’t like chocolate.

11. The Internet – what would I do without the internet?

12. My family. We may all be growing older & far apart but it is the meaning of unconditional love & support.
13. Pinterest. I’m addicted. It makes me happy.
14. Blogs. I have learned so much from stalking reading blogs – from the authors, the community & myself.
15. My independence. Not just in the American freedom way but in the way that I was raised and allowed to make my own choices & judgements.


It’s easy to take these things plus more for granted. Part of the independence + diabetes mix makes me very self-focused. It’s nice to take a step away from my current happenings, good & bad, and take a look around.


Your turn:

Is there anything unexpected that you’re thankful for?