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Friday Favorites: 2.10

I used to use Pandora for my workouts until I discovered Rock My Run … plus I’m a geek for stats, so I liked these shared by Carrots ‘n’ Cake

A Ryan Goslling Movie channel?? It makes me almost want to restart cable! Just to have on in the background ….24/7…..

In case you haven’t seen this awesome response from Ellen DeGeneres to her haters.

I don’t usually go for the cutesy animal pictures but c’mon



I’ve recently discovered Last Man Standing for background noise …. I’m suddenly wishing I had sisters.

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Friday Favorites: 2.3

Love the idea of cereal sauce, how did I miss the pumpkin cream cereal?? {#recipe}

How scrumptious do these Mint Chip Coconut Bites look that I discovered from a foodie stays fit 


Today it’s all about the music : 

found via Mighty Girl 

…actually go check out all of her featured videos

found via Addicted 2 Etsy 

thank you office turntable 


Your turn:

Anything fun planned this weekend?

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Friday Favorites: 1.27

How sweet is this surprise date?


Carrot Cake cupcakes that are grain-free and only 3 carbs ? Yes please! {found via this recipe round-up}


Tina {Carrot ‘n’ Cake} shared Harvard’s alternative MyPlate : Healthy Eating Plate


I’m all for chick flicks but I don’t know about this


This parenting trick for hypochondriac drama. I want to parent like that.


If you haven’t already since this video, I first spotted on Rachel’s post, it reminds me of the physical strength that comes from yoga  – not just the inner focus.



I sort of wish that instead of bowls of oatmeal I had this breakfast treat to jack me up on sugar. I mean hazelnut cream cheese  – they make that?? How did I not know of this?

Other “breakfast” goodies brought to you by Iowa Girl Eats : Blueberry Muffin Top Cookies. Muffin + Cookies?? Who wants to make me some?  My doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week and at the rate I’m going 4 miles tomorrow requires serious carb loading. Please?


More yumminess: when I haven’t been shoveling oatmeal or downing juice or glucose tablets I’ve been mixing up my lunch routine. After months of {veggie} sushi I brought back turkey and/or veggie sandwiches. Todays : Smoke Turkey, hummus, apple & basil. #ohmydeliciousness.



Today is rainy & gray in NYC so I’m having fun playing with a new “Pop of Color” board  on Pinterest

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Double Icing

Last night I got ::smacked:: in the face with a soccer ball. Not in some cool head-butting-absorb the shock with my body to control the ball sort of way but in full blast too close to tell it’s coming at you….

{for the record: I did not get knocked down}

But it was cool – it took away from the fact I’ve had kink in the other side of my neck since Saturday and wasn’t turning my head to the left anyways.
{perhaps I should look into new pillows??}
While I didn’t play my best game, our team still kicked it (ha!) and we won!
Undefeated, that’s right. 
I still haven’t figured out this whole late night game, sort of snack-sort of dinner, a little insulin but not too much, maybe a snack after the game deal.
The past two weeks I ran my blood-sugars high, this week I decided to be a little less conservative and aim for a good balance.
And than I woke up low.
So much for that 3 mile run.
This whole blogging thing isn’t going to work if I keep on putting it out there & jinxing myself.
And while I didn’t get to run, my blood-sugars ran low all day long
(oh that’s just bad – I should go to bed). 
So lesson: tomorrow I will be cutting back on the long acting insulin.
And schedule a doctor’s appointment. And look into a sports nutritionist ?
The good news is that I took todays “rest” day as an “icing” day. As I’m currently icing my left knee & right groin and had a heating pack on my shoulder/neck.
I really get my money’s worth out of those things.