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 I have (secretly) (and admiringly)  started referring to my Wednesday yoga instructor as kickass Gumby. This women has such strength that not only can she quickly jump into a pose but she does it with control and grace. Much like the video above. The type of instructor that can easily contort into a pose that has 1/2 the class sighing in awe and 1/2 the class laughing in doubt. And while you know it will take a lot of practice to get to that level it opens up the room and encouragement to try new poses, to trust yourself to challenge yourself.  

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Done : TIU Sandcastle Workout

Sandcastle Workout from Tone It Up 


Full workout & video here  – they also have medicine ball routine. 

Did the workout in my apartment & tried using the 2 sets of 3lbs weights since I didn’t have 5lbs …. and then I remembered I have no arm muscles and stuck with just 3lb dumbbells.