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Day 1 : First Training Plan

Today started my first day of a training plan.


Strength training. ugh, my weakness.

Yesterday morning I came home after meeting a friend before setting out for a day of errands and a yoga class. I was hit with such a wave of exhaustion that after downing two homemade iced-coffees all that was happening was a nap. And than I woke up low. Goodbye productive day. I was basically wiped out until I went to bed that night. No errands done, no healthy food stocked, no outfits scoped out for the new week or papers lined up in order. Instead it was all left in a mess. Including my plan for strength training today.

And I am not about to put together a plan at 5:30am.  

Plus there was a debate going on in my head if Pilates counted since I discovered last week that my favorite instructor teaches Mondays at my morning gym.

I did 15 min of that side-stepper machine and then after some stretches (the foam roller was hiding) I went to the machines.

Leg Press : 3 sets of 15 @ 115lbs 

Hip abductors: 3 sets of 15 @ 70lbs

Hip Adductors: 3 sets of 15 @ 70lbs


And that was it. Bloodsugars were still hating me and even though I wasn’t  I felt low  – a low hangover? Enough for me to call uncle and wrap it up.

So day 1 – not off to a great start. I need to put together a proper strength training plan (yadayadayada – I  know I say this often), ideally I would like to not be using the machines, it was my lazy / no thinking plan.

Tomorrow is 3 mile run – I should know how to do that. 


Your turn:

Any favorite strength training exercises?