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Monday Night Yoga: Slow & steady like a Tortoise




With a groin injury, knee flare up & pinched neck/shoulder (I think ?) this was soooo not my pose. Hell, my knee wasn’t even liking lunges last night.

This most definitely didn’t happen.


  There was 0.02 seconds where I tried but then realized it was not going to even come close – and that’s ok.

Nothing about that pose was in my cards for the night so I’ll accept how far I got.

Not my best class – things hurt. But that’s what being on your mat is all about – listening to your body. After changing, I had 15 minutes before class – that rules out any cardio warm up since the class gets so crowded. Last night was the first time I felt the difference. I didn’t break a sweat (a rare occasion), even though cold air was drafting in I wore more clothes than I did during my morning run.  My body missed the warm up and every move felt more disconnected & as if I was playing a game “what hurts.”


Your turn:

What’s a fitness move / yoga pose that you think is “easy” but your body just goes “nah, not gonna happen”?

Are you more frustrated when you can’t get into an easy pose even though you’ve done it before or you can’t do a new harder pose?


Favorite Finds:

Yoga Cookie Cutters | via Fit Sugar

My step-mom got yoga cookies from a student one year that were awesome, I couldn’t find them the following year – but how much fun would it be to make you own yoga class out of cookies? I would totally have a yoga cookie party if I was still teaching! 

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Monday Night Yoga : I made a friend!

I made a friend last night!

Ok, it might be a little creepy/premature to pull out such labels but anyways…

While I’d like to think I’m friendly at the gym, I usually stay in my zone 

with my headphones on & nothing more than a smile or a nod.

Tonight, after a quick boost on the elliptical, as I was waiting in line for Yoga the girl in front of me & I started to chat. She was just starting her practice again after a long break, I’ve come & gone to this class for over a year now. After some talking I realized she was new to the gym & still figuring out what classes she liked. We bonded over mutual fear of spinning.

After class, we walked out together swapping gym preferences & small talk. We even built up a little networking, showing appreciation for each other’s industry & how we could help one another. A possible future gym buddy & someone to talk business with? Score!

Oh and Yoga tonight?

I packed a long sleeve pullover, a pair of shorts, a pair of capris and a t-shirt. ….. No sports bra. And I was wearing my worst strapless. Fail. Forget support (not much required)…I just feared it falling down… so needless to say, I was a little preoccupied during class & didn’t really get into the poses. Also, my hips and knees decided they weren’t quite ready for all the chair poses and my arms & core were definitely not ready for this:

Flying Crow


Your turn:

Do you make friends at the gym / in a fitness class easily ?

What’s the most challenging pose / move that you’ve done recently?

Favorite Finds:

Did you know that Pop-tarts was one of the top foods purchased for the hurricane?

According to Hungry Girl, today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day …should have had this for breakfast