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The List

There’s all sorts of names & labels but the idea is all the same : a list of things we want to accomplish/try/reach within some point of time. 25 before 25. 100 in 100. 30 before 30. The bucket list.

Mine’s simply The List – a list of things I would like to say I did in my lifetime. It’s not set, there is no particular order.  It’s a growing list as I come across new challenges and fun ideas.

Would love to know what you would add, always open to new ideas!

1. Visit San Francisco

    a. Ride a cable car 

    b. See Sea Lions at Pier 39 

    c. Visit the Full House house & park

    d. Visit Ms. Doubtfire house 

    e. Visit Height-Ashbury

    f. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge 

2. Visit Austin, TX

3. Visit North Carolina

4. Visit France

    a. Climb the Eiffel Tower

    b. Visit the Louvre 

    c. Visit Versailles

    d. See the Mona Lisa & Renoir paintings

    e. Have crepes, croissants & coffee at a cafe 

5. Return to Greece

6. Take a Spin class

7. Take a Core Fusion class

8. Try OIAJ & Overnight Oats & Green Smoothie

9. Go on a road trip 

10. See a movie by myself

11. Go to a restaurant by myself

12. Run a 10k

13. Run a half marathon

14. Take a photography class

15. Send a gift to someone unexpectantly

16. Take a cooking class {just once – no greater promise than that}

17. Go camping

18. Host a dinner party (yes I realize this involves cooking…maybe I should tackle 16 first)

19. Go hiking

20. Take a road trip

21. Learn basic Photoshop

22. Learn basic HTML

23. Go Ice Skating

24. Join a book club

25. Go to an outdoor movie

26.  Visit Upstate NY

27. Send a handwritten letter / card to someone unexpectantly

28. Join a running group

29. Run NYC Marathon (ahh 2012 with Team for Kids!)

30. Make something from Pinterest 

31. Buy someone’s coffee

32. Go rock climbing

33. See a shooting star – and make a wish (I always miss them!)

34. Have my palm read

35. Pay off all debt (credit cards & loans)

36. Decorate  an apartment – grown up style

37. Go to Las Vegas

38. Visit the Grand Canyon

39. Study Abroad {Spring ’07 – Florence, Italy}

40. Learn my blood type

41. Go on a picnic

42. Learn another language

43. Take a course

44. Watch the classic 80s rom-coms {Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, 16 candles } (<– don’t judge that I haven’t seen any of them)




Some Inspiration {other lists I’ve discovered}

  • Carrots ‘n’ Cake : Life’s to Do List this is one of my favorite lists – and it made me realize how much I’ve already done 
  • Work Your Closet: 27 Good things a reminder that sometimes the things most accomplished are not for oneself
  • Just a One Girl Revolution: a nicely categorized 101 in 1001 list 
  • Sprinkles & Style : 101 in 1001  – I like the idea of putting $10 into savings for each goal accoplished

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